About Karen

Who is Karen Diebel?

  • Businesswoman
  • Conservative
  • Community Leader
  • Tough Campaigner

In 2010, Karen Diebel stepped up to run against Democrat Incumbent Suzanne Kosmas. Just a few months later, her campaign came within 543 votes of the nomination.

What is Karen’s next challenge?

  • Florida gains two new seats from re-apportionment, with one of those likely a new swing seat in Central Florida’s fast-growing I-4 Corridor.
  • The Presidential and U.S. Senate campaigns in both parties will place their highest priority on Central Florida – this seat will be hard earned.
  • Karen Diebel has never stopped working – she believes we can’t wait until the lines are drawn to build a winning campaign for this new seat.
  • Karen is growing her financial base and laying the groundwork to run for an open seat in the Tampa-Orlando area.
  • Karen supports all our incumbent Republicans and believes we need candidates who are ready to be self-sufficient to strengthen the entire ticket.
  • A strong 2011 for Karen Diebel will put Republicans in the drivers’ seat to gain a new seat in Central Florida.